Newsletter | Winter 2018

Newsletter | Winter 2018

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So far 2018 seems to have brought about an increase in freight volumes, and on the surface, this might appear to be prosperous for all involved in the industry. However, this increase purposes a great challenge given the current driver shortage the industry is experiencing. This shortage is the result of several factors including:

  • Lack of qualified drivers
  • Demographics of current population of drivers with most being middle aged men who are quickly approaching retirement age
  • Lifestyle of drivers which limits their access to nutritional food, ability to exercise, and possible sleep deprivation
  • Mandate of ELogs drastically changing how drivers manage their hours and possibly affecting their income

With the current paradigm in mind, All Systems Go Transport, Inc. (ASGT) suggest the following to help their customer ensure coverage of their orders:

  • Prompt acceptance of available equipment. If someone offers you a truck that meets your needs secure it quickly because it will not be available long.
  • Wllingness to be flexible with rates. ASGT will not let an appropriate truck pass our customers by, but we may have to offer you that truck at an increased rate. Moreover, you may find that when providing rate quotes for new lanes ASGT brokers provide you a “rate range” so that you can be prepared for what it might cost to secure coverage.
  • Reduction of request for special equipment requirements when possible. Special equipment such as pumps, extra hoses, special fittings, etc. as well as difficult and tight loading schedules, procedures, and/or facilities might deter carriers’ willingness to provide coverage.
  • Consideration of lanes and their appeal to carriers. An understanding of proximity to tank washes and available reloads for carriers, can help customers better understand the cost associated with transportation of their freight as well as the possible difficulty in securing available equipment.

As always ASGT is available and willing to service your transportation needs, and we will do everything possible to find quick and efficient coverage at a competitive rate.

Sandy Bent – Owner All Systems Go Transport, Inc.

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